VOLT Type HQ005 Electric Actuator - 50Nm

VOLT Type HQ005 Electric Actuator - 50Nm


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Key Features
  • HQ005 50Nm Electric Actuator
  • On/Off, Modulating & Failsafe Battery Backup Options
  • Rotary Quarter Turn 
  • Power Supply in 24V DC/AC, 110/230V AC
  • Output Torques to 50Nm
  • Four Limit Switches
  • Anti-Condensation Heater
  • Electronic Torque Limiter
  • Manual De Clutchable Handwheel Override
  • F03/F04/F05/FO7 Mounting Base
  • IP67 Weatherproof Enclosure


VOLT Type HQ005 Electric Actuator - 50Nm

The VOLT HQ005 50Nm Electric Actuator is a rotary quarter turn electric actuator specially designed for ball valves, butterfly valves, plug valves, dampers and other similar applications.

Power supply in 24V DC/AC 110/230V AC with output torques to 50Nm. Offered in three versions: ON/OFF, Modulating version (accepts 4-20 mA and 0-10V signals) and Failsafe Battery Backup.

Equipped with many extras including a unique brushless DC motor fitted as standard, anti-condensation heaters, limit switches and De clutchable manual override. This compact yet powerful unit offers repeatability, long life and cost benefits.

Available options include: modulating positioner card for all voltages (single phase & 24V AC/DC) and torque overload indication system via flashing LED lamps.

Key features:

  • Output torque of 50Nm
  • On/Off, Modulating and Failsafe Battery Backup versions
  • Multi voltage design (Single phase & 24V)
  • Temperature range: -20°C to +80°C
  • Four limit switches
  • Two M20 Cable entries
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Anti-condensation heater
  • Electronic torque limiter
  • Manual declutchable handwheel override
  • F03/F04/F05/FO7 mounting base
  • IP67 Weatherproof Enclosure.

Images are for illustrative purposes only and may not be an indication of all variations/sizes of the product.

All VOLT Actuators and Actuated Ball Valves are designed to meet the demanding needs of today's process flow control requirements. During build up all actuators and actuated packages are rigorously inspected and 100% factory tested prior to dispatch.


 VOLT HQ005 50Nm Electric Actuator Datasheet

 HQ005 24v AC DC Wiring Diagram

 HQ005 24v AC DC PCU Wiring Diagram

 HQ005 24v AC DC with Battery Backup Wiring Diagram

 HQ005 Single Phase Wiring Diagram

 HQ005 Single Phase PCU Wiring Diagram

 HQ005 Single Phase with Battery Backup Wiring Diagram

 Installation And Operation Manual

Technical Attributes

Manufacturer VOLT
Operation Type Electric
Function On/Off, Modulating & Failsafe Battery Backup Versions
Actuator Model HQ005
Output Torque 50Nm
Actuator Voltages 24V DC/AC, 110/230V AC
Actuator Features IP67, Four Limit Switches, Manual Override, Anti-Condensation Heater
Main Features
  • HQ005 
  • Output Torques to 50Nm
  • 24V DC/AC, 110/230V AC