Flanged PN16 Tied Rubber Bellows

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  • Tied Rubber Bellows
  • Flanged PN16 - BS 4504
  • Rated 16 bar
  • -10°C to + 90°C  
  • EPDM Bellow
  • 32mm to 200mm (1 1/4" to 8")
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Tied Expansion Bellows Flanged PN16

Tied and Flanged PN16 Bellow/Flexible Joint 

Tied E.P.D.M. rubber bellows with nylon reinforced body and steel reinforced collar. Fitted with zinc plated carbon steel swivel flanges. Drilled to BS. 4504 NP16.


Tied rubber bellows are designed to accommodate misalignment and both axial and lateral movement. They are also used to reduce noise and vibration from pumps and reciprocating machinery. They are suitable for L.T.H.W. systems up to 90°C with a maximum working pressure 10 bar and C.H.W. systems at 6°C/12°C with maximum working pressure of 16 bar.

This expansion bellow is a flexible unit suitable for use on hot water systems up to 90°C (intermittent peaks up to 120°C. It is manufactured from EPDM with high tensile cord, reinforced body and steel reinforced collar. Fitted with zinc plated carbon steel PN16 flanges.

Rubber expansion joints are the perfect solution for pipe systems to absorb movements, vibrations or noise, resulting in the significantly prolonged service life of the pipe work and connected equipment. The flanges are supplied in the swivel version, for ease of fitting.

Suitable for temperatures up to 90°C the bellow rubber is EPDM. For liquids that have oil or fats we can supply NBR bellows.

 Rubber Bellows are primarily used on pumps, chillers, and other reciprocating machinery to reduce noise and vibration. They are a critical part of any pumping system as they provide the flexibility necessary to absorb system movements associated with vibration. Rubber bellows are also known as rubber expansion bellows and have the capability of compensating for small amounts of axial, lateral and angular pipe work movement and therefore makes them suitable for small installation misalignments. However, rubber bellows should not be used like a metal expansion joint to compensate for thermal pipe movement and for these types of application we would always recommend a specifically designed stainless steel expansion joint.

Rubber bellows are an important part of any heating or chilled water system and should be inspected regularly as part of a maintenance program and consideration given to keeping a number of spares to reduce the risk of long term shut down.

Key Features:

  • Flanged PN16
  • Rated 16 bar
  • -10°C to + 90°C
  • EPDM Bellow
  • NBR Options on request
  • 32mm to 200mm (1 1/4" to 8") (larger sizes on request)


 Flanged PN16 Tied Rubber Bellows Datasheet

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 Flanged PN16 Tied Rubber Bellows Datasheet