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Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator for Severe Conditions

  • Spring Return & Double Acting
  • Suitable for Marine / offshore Environment
  • Ductile Iron
  • Latest interfaces
  • Star Drive
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Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator for Severe Conditions

The Quifer ductile iron rack & pinion pneumatic actuator is a high quality European-made actuator that can be supplied with ATEX & GOST certification and is suitable for use with SIL3 applications.

The actuator is available either in standard hard anodised aluminium or nodular cast iron for working in severe conditions.

The actuator is specifically designed to operate quarter turn valves such as Ball and Butterfly Valves in highly corrosive marine environments such as for offshore platforms or vessels. To meet these conditions the actuators are specially coated. Torque levels range up to 5000Nm for Double Acting and 1800 Nm for Spring Return.

The interface of the actuators are designed according to ISO 5211 and VDI.VDE 3845, having ISO 9001:2008, IEC 61508:2010, LOM 05 ATEX 6032 and European Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC3.10

The actuators are certified according to ATEX and GOST, SIL3 rated, PED and CE marked.

Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator Certs

Download the Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator PDF datasheet

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The following downloads are available for the Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator:

Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator Datasheet

Ductile Iron Pneumatic Actuator Operating & Maintenance Manual

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