Butterfly Valve Lockout

Butterfly Valve Lockout


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Key Features
  • Butterfly Valve Lock-out
  • Fits Lever Widths of 8mm to 45mm
  • Efficiently Locks Out & Secures Butterfly Valves


Butterfly Valve Lockout

This butterfly valve lockout device is designed to secure the position of your butterfly valve. The device is non conductive and allows up to 2 padlocks to be applied.

Efficiently locks out and secures butterfly valves in position and is suitable for level widths of 8mm to 45mm.

Made of strong, non conductive polypropylene plastic, highly resistant to solvents, chemicals, cracking and abrasion.

Resists extreme temperatures ranging from 46°C 183°C.

Dimensions: 102.00 mm W x 70.00 mm H x 305.00 mm L.

Key Features:

  • Non Conductive
  • Polypropylene Plastic Construction
  • Adjustable to Fit Lever Widths of 8mm to 45mm
  • Padlocks not supplied

Technical Attributes

Manufacturer VOLT