Burkert Type 8619 multiCELL Multifunction Transmitter and Controller

Burkert Type 8619 multiCELL Multifunction Transmitter and Controller


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Key Features
  • Compatible with most common flow, pH/ORP, chlorine and conductivity sensors
  • Simple, intuitive user interface supported by a large adjustable backlit display
  • Basic transmitter/controller with hardware extension possibilities
  • Functionality extendable by software options
  • Flexible analytical and flow transmitter
  • Unique flexibility
  • SD card for data logging + upload / download


Burkert Type 8619 multiCELL Multifunction Transmitter and Controller

Type BC8619 transmitter /controller is the new addition to our process control programme. The 1/4 din panel mounted transmitter/controller incorporates a large backlit LCD display for adding up to 6 boards in a free mix for pH, conductivity incl. temperature and output boards are connected to the digital inputs of the mainboard. Optional software features can be simply activated when required by the application and an sd card is standard for data logging and up/down loading of parameterisation files. Special integrated dosing and control functions allow use in a large range of applications without the need for additional devices.

This multifunction transmitter/controller is a microprocessor transmitter/controller for connection of sensors which deliver raw signals for pH, O.R.P. and conductivity and flow via pulses. Type 8619 is the ideal device for measurement and control and as well dosing processes e.g. in applications of water treatment plants.

Sophisticated electronics and state of the art control algorithms ensure that optimum process control is maintained at all times with minimal operator intervention and achieving highest quality in  boiler, cooling tower or reverse osmosis systems) and food and pharmaceutical plants.

Principle of operation

The transmitter/controller is given by the internal board based structure capable to handle different types of sensors and selectively execute operations on the measurement values. From simple measurement and standard signal output and assignment of integrated mathematical formulas for selectable values up to control and dosing tasks all that can run in parallel.

The boards for signals and functions can be easily connected to each other by configuration and with setting individual parameters all the functionality can be adapted to the actual process conditions. The base unit is either a panel-mounted version or a wall-mounted version and handles analogue and digital signal outputs, digital inputs and the front is supplied by a backlit graphical display.

Up to six slots are available, which depending on the applications, can be occupied with boards for pH/ORP, conductivity, a board with additional analogue and digital outputs as well as a board with analogue and additional digital inputs. There is no need for a separate 4...20 mA transmitter: the pH, conductivity boards accept raw signals from sensors.

Though highly functional the multiCELL can be operated easily and intuitively. The base for this is the large graphical display and the dynamically assigned function keys. Clearly arranged menu and board structures allow easy configuration and setting of parameters and offer a high transparency for the functions in use.

Four user views can be configured by the operator. This allows the user to design a view himself displaying a value arrangement which he likes to see simultaneously and this can be available 4 times and independent from each other.

For data collection and storage e.g. of measurement values there is an optional data logger available which uses the memory card if inserted in the card slot. Uploading and restoring the complete database including the application special parameter settings of the complete 8619 and updating firmware via the memory card is available as standard.


Burkert Type 8619 multiCELL Multifunction Transmitter and Controller Datasheet

Technical Attributes

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