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  • Bray Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve

Bray Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve

  • Bray Series 40
  • Double Offset
  • Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel 
  • RTFE / Inconel seat
  • Lever or gearbox operator
  • Sizes 2.5" to 12"
  • To fit between PN16 and ANSI 150 flanges
  • Fire Safe
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SKU BR0240

Bray Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve

Bray's Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve is suitable for high temperature, high pressure critical service applications, an innovative design butterfly valve for arduous duties delivering reliability and ease of maintenance. A wafer pattern, high performance butterfly valve featuring a Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel body and RTFE / Inconel seat providing Fire Safe zero leakage shut-off.

Bray high performance butterfly valves offer a lightweight and simple to install alternative to more tradition, bulkier designs including ball and globe valves.

Reliable and safe control of flammable and hazardous fluids for the oil and gas industry.

Suitable to fit between PN16 and ANSI 150 flanges.

Key features:

  • Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel with lever operator, sizes: 2.5" to 6" or gearbox, sizes 2.5" to 12".
  • Temperature range: -29°C to 260°C (subject to the process pressure).
  • Pressure rating: Class 150.
  • Lever operator or gearbox.
  • Fire safe.

For full technical specifications please download the accompanying datasheet. Larger sizes available upon request. (POA)


Bray Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve Datasheet

Seat Design

Seat Design

The Heart of the Bray/McCannalok Valve

The unique, two-part seat assembly consists of a resilient energizer which is totally encapsulated by the seat. The assembly is locked in the body recess by a full-faced seat retainer. This simple, reliable and proven combination results in many exclusive advantages including:

  • The energizer is completely isolated from all contact with the line media by the seat.
  • Serrations in the seat retainer and body recess secure the seat assembly in place regardless of disc position.
  • The full-faced retainer is bolted to the body, locking the seat in the correct position. The seat is secured even without the mating flange.
  • The closely confined and well supported seat is energized by the disc and line pressure. The higher the pressure, the tighter the seal. In low pressure and vacuum applications, the energized seat offers superior sealing and longer service life than many other designs.
  • Line media is sealed to zero-leakage in both directions.
  • The seat is self–adjusting for wear and temperature changes.
  • Seat replacement is extremely easy. Just remove the seat retainer, rotate the disc into the closed position and place a new seat assembly in the machined recess of the body. This simple procedure will not disturb the disc or stem.

Double Offset Stem and Disc Design

double offsetThe double offset design of the Bray/McCannalok assures reduced seat wear and bi-directional, zero leakage shutoff throughout the full pressure range. At the initial point of disc opening, the offset disc produces a cam–like action, pulling the disc from the seat. This cam–like action reduces seat wear and eliminates seat deformation when the disc is in the open position. When open, the disc does not contact the seat, therefore seat service life is extended and operating torques are reduced. As the valve closes, the cam–like action converts the rotary motion of the disc to a linear type motion to effectively push the disc onto the seat. The wiping action of the disc against the seat prevents undesirable material build-up from slurries or suspended solids.

More Information
Design Double Offset High Performance
Flange Accomodation PN16, ANSI 150
Body Material Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel
Size 2 1/2" (DN65), 3" (DN80), 4" (DN100), 5" (DN125), 6" (DN150), 8" (DN200), 10" (DN250), 12" (DN300)
Disc Material Stainless Steel
Liner RTFE / Inconel (Fire Safe)
Industry / Approvals Fire Safe
Manufacturer Bray

The following downloads are available for the Bray Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve:

Bray Series 40 Fire Safe Double Offset Butterfly Valve Datasheet

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