Electric Actuators

Electric Actuators for Valves, offering HQ, J+J, Valpes / Burket, On-off, Failsafe, Modulating, and ATEX Approved Options. Our On-Off Electric rotary valve actuators operate by utilizing an electric motor that produces torque to open or close a valve. Power turns the motor in one direction to open a valve, and then the power is reversed into the motor which closes the valve.

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Failsafe or battery backup offers the reliable operation of the valve/actuator to a pre-determined position if the power supply is lost. Constant trickle charge for the battery ensures operation.

ATEX electric actuators, featuring enclosures approved to ATEX II 2 GD Ex d II B T6, these actuators offer trouble-free operation in Hazardous Atmospheres with Limit Switch Feedback, Optical Indication, manual Override, and torque limiters as standard.

Modulating electronic actuators have evolved from the basic on-off operation into a unit that responds to an Analogue Signal (4-20mA or 0-10V) from a PLC or Controller enabling complex control tasks to be carried out.